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Flood damage

Damage Removal for Natural & Artificial Flooding in Bentonville, AR

Whether from storms or artificial causes, a flood in your home or business is hard to deal with. If flood water goes untreated too long, rot can set into the floors and stability of the building. Furthermore, the muggy weather in the Southeast as well as Bentonville is ideal for mold growth. Don’t put off calling the Paul Davis Emergency Services of Bentonville to eliminate flooding in your home or business. We respond to requests 24/7 and can assist you with the insurance.

What Is Emergency Flood Damage Removal?

If you contact Paul Davis Emergency Services of Bentonville through our 24/7 Hotline, we’ll appear on your property within hours ready to help. Once we reach you, we perform an evaluation to establish the amount of time and cost of the emergency treatment. As specialists, we do not initiate any work until the assessment is signed. With so much work in flash flood damage removal in Bentonville, we will offer the best estimate.

Draining the Area

We being our process by draining leftover flood water inside your property. With the help of specialized pumps, we eliminate all the water as we can. By draining the remaining water and debris, the likelihood of mold growth decreases.

Clearing the Air

After we’ve taken out the pooled water from the affected area, we can start on the real work by removing damaged tiles and carpets. Then, we air out your home with advanced dehumidifiers and fans. To prevent dangerous mold growth, our team pay attention to each detail possible.